Womb Care Love

A 3-part training where you will learn how to offer Womb Wellness Circles, Consultations & Coaching.



In your classes you will get time to ask your specific questions directly to Queen Afua and get feedback from your peers 


Womb Care Love Practitioners In The Making gain real time experience by serving as mentors to up and coming students. 


After our class and mentor segments, you will go into the world to hold consultations, circles and Womb Care Love Parties.


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1st Blossom of the Red Radiant Lotus

2nd Blossom of the Orange Radiant Lotus

3rd Blossom of the Yellow Radiant Lotus

4th Blossom of the Emerald Green Radiant Lotus

5th Blossom of the Blue Radiant Lotus

6th Blossom of the Indigo Radiant Lotus

Lotus in Full Bloom